They Fired Les Miles

They Fired Les Miles

I have started to expand the podcast in its second episode. This week clocks in with over a half hour of content. I am still working on getting the podcast expanded further to reach around an hour or so runtime. I start the episode off by picking up on trending topics in North Carolina where I currently live. This includes an update on the gas leak that has hit the southeastern part of the United States.

Like I predicted last week, the shortage has caused problems here in North Carolina. The trouble has even stretched further north into Virginia. The governor of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency and is encouraging people to report gas stations that have jacked up prices as a response to the shortage. This has helped alleviate some of my worries regarding the incident and the announcement was made shortly after I recorded the first episode. I had heard about the shortage secondhand through texts from friends. The topic wasn’t even picked up on social media until the outrage started in larger communities. The shortage of coverage may have been due to the insane amount of public outcry the Presidential race has garnered this year. The Presidential debates are beginning and the outcry is only going to get worse.

I have started to add segments to the podcast that cover certain topics. I feel like this is going to help drive the podcast forward but I am unsure of how the transitions are going to actually occur in each episode. I have a feeling they are going to be rough until I get some more episodes under my belt.

There are rumors that the full version of Windows 10 is going to launch on the Xbox disguised as a slimmed down version of the operating system. This would be huge for living room entertainment. I could see the Xbox becoming a standard in dorm rooms everywhere. Parents would no longer need to buy their children an entertainment device and a computer. The Xbox would be an all-in-one machine. You could switch from typing a paper to playing Halo in mere seconds on the same device. This would be revolutionary.

They would have to get the kinks out for it to fully work and I am not sure if Microsoft is going to be able to do it. I have had similar struggles with Apple. They make unnecessary updates and changes to their software that break things. The iOS10 update has been a major shift and has caused me to have trouble unlocking my phone. I have a feeling they force these updates on purpose to drive people to upgrade their device. Since the hardware in an iPhone lasts for years, there is no reason for people to buy a new iPhone every year. This has to hurt the bottom line for Apple. I think these updates will drive people to upgrade their phones. On the plus side, you can now remove stock apps from the phone. The Mac OS X Sierra update has similar issues and causes programs to crash when using the system menu.

In my first ever sports segment, I discuss the death of José Fernández. He died in a boating accident in the middle of the night. The story doesn’t quite add up but it is a big loss for Major League Baseball. José Fernández was a big up and coming star. In other outrageous news, LSU has fired Les Miles. LSU has now lost their last two National Championship winning coaches, Les Miles and Nick Saban. That is going to be a hard act to follow for whomever they hire. Enjoy!