Super Bowl Talk

This year the Super Bowl features a highly anticipated match up. The New England Patriots are chasing history because their quarterback, Tom Brady, is on track to become the lone quarterback in NFL history with five Super Bowl victories. It will not be an easy task because they face a high powered Atlanta Falcons team.

The Falcons are soaring into the Super Bowl after scoring a total of 80 points in their first two playoff games. The Patriots look to be a much tougher opponent. The Patriots have scored 70 points in their first two playoff games so they are bringing a highly efficient offense of their own into the big game.

Tom Brady is hard to beat in the big game. In the two Super Bowls he lost, he was pressured the whole game. He took a lot of big hits and sacks throughout both of those games. Both losses came to Giants teams that were built around a pass rushing defense. The Falcons do not have that type of defense. Tom Brady is going to have time to sit back in the pocket and pick the Falcons apart.

The only chance the Falcons have in this game is to outscore the Patriots. The Falcons have the weapons to score on offense and I think their secret weapon is Mohamed Sanu. If Sanu is able to score two touchdowns, the Falcons will win the game. Sanu has been versatile on offense taking snaps at quarterback and taking tough hits after running routes over the middle. The Falcons will have to exploit the Patriots with special packages if they look to overtake the majestic Tom Brady.