Problems at Michigan State and NFL Combine

There are rumors swirling around the Michigan State athletic department. Their athletic director missed an NCAA tournament selection debriefing to stay in East Lansing to attend to some of the issues they have been facing on campus.

Some of the problems are related to the US women’s gymnastics coach that is under investigation. There was also a video posted online that showed students looting the pockets of another student that was knocked out on the ground. It was under investigation to see if anyone could be identified from the video. There are also early reports that it is possible three players will be removed from the Michigan State football team due to their involvement in some other type of investigation.

The NFL combine is coming up and I get a call from Jeffrey Meier for the first time. He has appeared on the podcast before, but we haven’t had a segment together yet. We talk about the combine set up and touch on the drills that take place. Our conversation is so long that we have to split it into our first two part podcast.

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