NFL Playoffs Round Two

On this podcast, I am once again talking with Matty B. We take a look at each NFL playoff game and give a breakdown of each team.

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons

We like the Falcons to beat the Seahawks in this year’s playoff game due to the evolution of the Atlanta offense. The Falcons are no longer one dimensional in their passing game. Now they are comfortable passing the ball around instead of relying only on Julio Jones.

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots

Matt thinks the Texans are going to keep this game close while I think they will just cover one of the largest spreads in NFL playoff history. It looks like Jadeveon Clowney is finally reaching his potential as an NFL player and his performance will make a huge impact on this game. The Texans need a big game from Clowney if they are going to prevent the Patriots from moving on to the AFC Championship game.

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

We break down the Packers vs Cowboys game and have our first split decision. This game will decide which one of us has a chance at a perfect weekend of picks. The Cowboys have a powerful offensive line which they are hoping to control the game with.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs

We take a look at the Steelers vs Chiefs playoff game and talk about whether or not the Chiefs have a chance of winning. The championship experience the Steelers have is going to be tough to beat, even at home.