Grizzly Attack and Expanding the Podcast

Grizzly Attack and Expanding the Podcast

I had to travel this weekend to attend my sister’s wedding. Even though the travel made for a busy weekend, I have expanded the podcast to its full length. I have always planned to have the podcast run for about an hour and this is the first week I have put together enough content to reach that length. I am still feeling out the podcast format of multiple categories in this episode. I am not sure if I am going to keep forcing my way through every category I cover. I may only talk about categories whenever I have content to talk about them. I have also been updating the website but that is probably going to be an ongoing thing for a while until I get the format finalized.

As for my sister’s wedding, I have been shooting a Fuji X-T1 camera to do freelance photography for some of my web clients. The camera is great for website photography as it has great detail and colors that pop. I was able to do some side shots for her wedding party that she will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. The wedding itself was great and I had a great time there. The Michigan Wolverines taking down the Wisconsin Badgers in football made the weekend even sweeter. Especially, because my cousin is a Wisconsin fan and I got to see the disappointment on his face firsthand when Michigan scored the go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter to win the game.

Speaking of sports, I am surprised with the amount of coverage that Vin Scully retiring has received. Living on the East coast my entire life, I didn’t even know who Vin Scully was. It would be different if he was a longtime national radio man but he was localized to the Los Angeles area. I couldn’t even pick Vin Scully out of a lineup of voice actors. In football news, the AP poll for college football is highly irrelevant this time of the year and yet it is the only thing major sports networks talk about. They should focus their coverage on actual team performance instead of these highly inflated team rankings.

In trending social news, a man was mauled by a grizzly. While he was trying to get help he decided to take a break to record a video and post it on social media. He went through his wounds and broke down how he was feeling. If I was mauled by a grizzly, posting to social media would be the last thing on my mind.

Also in social media, there should be some major gaming news coming out in the near future Gaming has been in a stalemate for a few years now with companies churning out the same games every year. I don’t see how that trend can continue. If you see some topics that should be trending, leave a comment below and I will check them out.