Eno River State Park in North Carolina

I set off once again to test the sharpness of my Fuji X-T1 using a prime 35mm lens. I am still using the F/2 version of the lens. This time I ventured out to the Eno River State Park in North Carolina. This park is focused around a river that cuts through the upper piedmont region of the state. The park itself is quite vast.

I started off the trip by visiting the historical house that is featured at the park. There is an information tray outside of the house that looked as if it contained fact sheets about the park but it was empty when I checked. I had no previous knowledge of the park when I visited. My goal was to explore the walking trail that circled the river.

I varied the aperture throughout my shots to see if I could increase edge sharpness of landscape style photographs. I was able to accomplish this and the lens captured some great shots. As I changed the aperture, I had to keep adjusting the shutter speed because it was a very sunny day. I did not use any lens filters which may have helped increase sharpness even more.